5 Thanksgiving Diet Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During Thanksgiving and the holidays it can be hard to watch your weight. There are tips, however, that can keep you from overeating and to keep you active. 5 tips for watching your weight will be outlined here so you can feel and look your best even during the times of year where eating a lot is considered normal.

1. Talk More To Your Family

While you’re at the table during a holiday meal, you don’t have to just focus on eating everything in sight. In fact, you can use this time to talk and to eat slowly as you do. Focusing on something besides food is a fantastic way to make the time go by fast without feeling bad about saying you don’t want to join in. When you go slow it helps you to eat less because you will start to feel full faster.

You don’t have to avoid eating altogether during the holidays. There are limits that you need to stick with and people will understand. Before the meal tell the host that you are watching your weight and you’ll be taking it slow. That way, you avoid having them pointing out that you can have more. A lot of the time people eat more and more because they feel obligated to.

turkey-workout2. Schedule A Workout The Morning After

A lot of people spend the night after a big meal resting. While that’s fine, you don’t want to have this period of rest lead to you not doing anything for a few days. That will just lead to your old habits that got you to an unhealthy weight to begin with. Get up early and work off all of that extra food that you know is going to lead to weight gain!

Creating goals will help you stay at a healthy weight even if you slip up and have too much for dinner once or twice a year. Make a plan that says if you have a Thanksgiving feast, you will hit the gym the next day for at least an hour or two. Look up what you’ll have to do to burn calories equal to what was on your plate. When you have to work off the excess it can make it easier to just say no to overindulging.

3. Eat A Healthy Snack Before A Thanksgiving Feast

It’s not a bad idea to eat a healthy and filling snack before the big meal. There is nothing wrong with having smaller portions. If you are asked why you’re not going to town at the table you can just say you’re watching your weight. You may not want to say that you ate beforehand because if someone worked hard on the meal that may be seen as rude.

Lots of people are on diets, and you can’t let people make you feel obligated to eat too much. It can be easy to slip up and revert back to habits you thought you had under control. There is nothing wrong with telling someone you just weren’t all that hungry and that you’d like to take some of it home with you instead. Then you can eat smaller portions on your own time and keep up with your diet.

4. Offer To Assist With Cleaning And Chores

Once you’ve had your meal you probably will want to find a way to avoid having seconds or more than that. It’s okay to excuse yourself and to start working on cleaning up a little. You can go around to each person and grab what they are done with and then offer to fill their plates again. That way, you are able to hang around for a while longer while people finish up, but you won’t have the opportunity to keep eating.

5. Avoid Putting Yourself In Difficult Situations

Were you invited to more than one Thanksgiving or holiday related meal? Learn to say no and that you are busy. You can also tell them that you can meet up with everyone later on so you’re not stuck in a situation where you have to participate in having food. Once you tell others that you’re busy a few times they should get the picture. Be honest about why you don’t want to go and that should work.

You’re someone that has control over their diet and nobody can force feed you anything. There may be a few hurt feelings if you don’t seem too into what you’re eating during the holidays, but that’s better than the alternative. If you’ve been overweight before or still are, then people will know that you are trying to diet and that they need to respect that. You don’t have to stay somewhere if you don’t feel comfortable with people pressuring you.

These 5 Thanksgiving diet tips will keep you from overdoing it during the holidays. Anyone that wants to watch their weight has to be careful during this time of the year. Why undo all of the work you’ve done when you don’t have to?