If you are looking for a complete body workout without leaving your house, a complete home gym system may be right for you. The truth is you can do a variety of workouts with most of the home gyms available on the market out there.

The problem is, if you have little or no experience in workouts, you might not know how to exploit everything every model has to offer unless there is a trainer beside you. The good news is there are more than enough home gyms available on the market that will give your body the workout it needs.





Below Are Some Of The Best All In One Home Gyms Available

Marcy Diamond EliteMarcy4.3
Bowflex PR1000BF10004.4
Powerline BSG 10XPLBSG4.6
Body-Solid G1S Bodysolid G1S4.1
Total Gym XLSTotl Gym4.2






Marcy Diamond Elite



This Marcy Diamond Elite home gym system is for those who are serious about using the best exercise equipment for home. The manufacture of this machine, had the end users complete workout routine in mind with the enhanced designs and features. Some of those enhanced features include a dual function leg developer, linear bearings with ultra-glide technology and press bar with sealed bearings. Included with this device is a low pulley with foot rest attachment, which is great for who those who like to do row exercises. This is a complete system built like the one you are accustomed to at the gym, but designed for home use. It will allow you to perform over 100 different exercise routines allow in the privacy of your home.


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Bowflex PR 1000



If you are looking to tone your muscles and get in some cardio as well, the Bowflex PR 1000 should be strongly looked at. You are able get up to 210 pounds of resistance with this system, which should allow you to easily isolate and tone any muscle group to get peak results. This all in one workout machine allows you to target many different body parts. You are able to target your arms, chest, abs, shoulder and back along will all of your core lower body muscle groups. This is sturdy and well put together home gym that should allow you to reach all of your fitness goals.

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Powerline BSG10X



If you do not have a lot of space to dedicate to a complete home gym system, you may want to consider the Powerline BSG10X. You will be able to get great workouts with this device, and it arrives at your door step 90 percent assembled, so you do not have to hassle too much with the equipment before you can start working out. You should be able to install this system anywhere because it is only 4 foot wide and 6 foot tall and weighs 344 pounds completely assembled. Don’t be confused by its small size, this is a complete home gym system that has a stable platform with multiple seat adjustments so just about anyone should be able to get in a great workout. This is a very affordable complete gym system  that comes with a limited 10 year home warranty, which should allow for many years of worry free workouts.

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Body-Solid G1S


Bodysolid G1S


For those who want a very durable and sturdy home gym system without taking up a lot of space, the Body-Solid G15 would serve you well. This system is centered on a 160lb weight capacity, which allows you to perform many different weight training routines, all from the comfort of you work out room. This system may take a little longer to put together, but comes with great instructions and once it is assembled you will be amazed by the design and multi-purpose functions of this model.

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Total Gym XLS


Totl Gym


If you are looking for a complete fitness machine that the whole family would be able to enjoy, the Total Gym XLS is right for you. It does not matter what your fitness level is, this system is able to accommodate just about anyone from the novice workout beginner to the seasoned workout warrior. This machine has a 400 pound weight capacity and allows you to work all you core muscle groups, along with circuit training and stretching functionality. It comes to your home fully assembled, so you do not have to worry about any difficult assembly instructions before you can start training. To save space, this model folds easily so you can tuck it away when it is not in use.

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What makes work out equipment for home use so valuable is being able to work more than one body part from one device. Most models include features that allow you to work on your legs, arms, abdominals, chest, shoulders, buttocks and more. To get a multi-purpose device that will allow you to perform several differ exercise routines, it has to be capable of allowing you to do workouts while you are sitting, standing, lying down and squatting.




To get the best out of your workouts, you’ll be changing positions, moving around and doing all sorts of things to stress your muscles just enough to get a proper workout. You can’t achieve this when everything is static. The best all in one gym equipment should have adjustable seats as well as attachments that will allow you to do your workouts at different angles. This maximizes the number of exercises you can do in one session, which saves times so you can get on with your day. Adjustable seats and attachments also make you work in comfortable positions for maximum results and prevention of injuries.




Some all in one workout machines does not all you to workout every muscle in your body. However, there are those that come with extra accessories that make this easier. These accessories allow you to work on smaller hidden muscles you’ll find on your arms, shoulders, neck and abs. You must also remember that you will be doing most of your exercises without a trainer or a spotter around. So if you can’t find a partner, it should be no problem because you are not working with free weights.




You need a device that you are able to handle yourself most of the time. You need something you can move around with little or no support. So, you have to check the weight before you make the purchase. You should read reviews to make sure it would work for you. The manufactures website also usually has all the weight and dimensions for any equipment that you would be interested in buying.




You are buying a this device because it makes it more convenient for you to work out at home. Unless you have a very large area to store your equipment, you need something that will not take up all your extra space. The bad news is most all in one home exercise equipment is not space friendly. The good news is, not all of them have the same measurements, meaning that you could still find something that will fit what you have to offer regarding space.




Gym equipment varies in price depending on your budget and what features you are looking for. You do not have to break the bank to find an affordable piece of equipment that will allow you to get in a good workout. If you are careful to read reviews you should be able to find the best all in one home gym equipment that is in your budget, and allow you to accomplish a good workout while you are in the comfort of your home.

Why Resistance Training Is Important

It is a conventional notion that performing cardio routines is the best exercise to lose weight. Some experts say that this notion is incorrect. Lifting weights and taking part in resistance training, will build more muscle. Building more muscle will help to keep your body burning its fat all day long. According to some studies, just adding two extra sessions of weight lifting in the week can help to reduce your body fat by at least 3 percent without actually cutting out on calories. A study showed that fitness freaks that did heavy weights lost more fat than those who did cardio. But a shocking revelation was that those who lost fat by weight lifting lost only fat, while those who lost weight via cardio, lost muscle mass as well.


What is resistance training?


Resistance training is any form of exercise, which makes the muscles contract against the force of an external resistance with expectations of increased strength, mass, tone of muscle and endurance. In this case the external resistances can be bricks, bottles of water, dumbbells and your own body weight or any other objects that can make your muscles contract. The different types of resistance training are Olympic lifting, power lifting and lifting weights.


Why lift heavy


The growth of muscle tissue can only be stimulated, when you apply pressure to it. If you continue lifting weights which are light and continue to do repetition after repletion it will not be beneficial, as hardly any pressure is being applied to it. Lower reps heavier weight workouts will lead to burning more calories because of greater exertion on the muscles. Also it will ensure that unlike aerobic training, you will not lose a single precious ounce of fat burning muscle.


Why is Weight training more effective for weight loss


Numerous studies have demonstrated that weight training can effectively burn fat better than when your dieting or doing aerobic exercise. This much is properly known, that aerobic exercise burns fat while you are actually exercising. However, anaerobic exercises meaning exercises without oxygen burns fat in the seconds, minute and hours after you have stopped exercising. If you compare the calories burned during exercising, it can be easily noticed, that aerobic exercises only appear to burn more calories. This can be proved by adding up the calories burned by both exercises during and after the workout. Anaerobic exercise lead the charts .There is several reasons for this. The days and the hours post the training; an exerciser burns additional oxygen through the process of excess post exercise oxygen consumption. The logic is simple, burning more oxygen indirectly results in burning more calories and keeping your metabolism elevated. The muscles created by lifting weights remains contracted, which means that they are still firing for many after the completion of the workout. It is also likely that anaerobic exercise will initiate a fat burning process, the effects of which are cumulative. That means that every additional workout will create a compounding effect, which will enable you to burn more fat with every successive set that you accomplish. This leads to a fat burning jackpot on the completion of the workout.


Reshaping the body


Another big benefit of weight training over, cardio training is that resistance training will completely allow you to reshape your body. Cardio training will help you to lose weight, but it will be a combination of loss of weigh as well as muscle. That is why; at the end what you will find is a smaller more petite version of yourself. However, when you’re performing resistance training, you will be actively following a strict hypo calorie type of diet. That way, you can lose only body fat and not your precious muscle mass. This will help to enhance the natural curves of your body. The advantage is that you will have a much better physique that you had previously and will serve to provide a transformation that you would not have achieved doing cardio. If you have noticed someone who has lost a considerable amount of weight and still looks somewhat soft, then the probable reason for this is because of a cardio workout. Their muscles have not been toned, it only has a shape.


In summary, when choosing a piece of equipment, you need to do some research on what you need and what your fitness goals are. Finding something that will make your work out sessions more comfortable and give you positive results would be optimal.