Best Cheap Digital Bathroom Scales



Doctors tell us that checking your weight on a scale regularly can help you keep those unwanted pounds from increasing in your body. This means you will need a good bathroom scale which is accurate, reliable, and durable. So you can get the precise value of your body weight anytime you need it. But some people may argue that instead of buying one of the inexpensive digital scales for about $30, you should opt for the more expensive and sophisticated scales that typically cost over $100. Do you really need a professional digital scale to lose weight? I don’t think so. Here are some reasons why you could be better off with a low cost digital weight loss scale.


Most Cheap Digital Scales are Accurate


Basically, a cheap bathroom scale will help you obtain an accurate measure of your body weight. Experiments have shown that digital scales provide more accurate weight measurement than mechanical analog scales. A good rule of thumb is to weigh yourself on your digital scale everyday in the morning after you have finished using the bathroom but before you take breakfast. For a more accurate measurement, weigh yourself without wearing any clothes. Taking your weight measurements at the same time, under similar conditions, everyday will help you to monitor your progress towards your weight loss goals.



Too Much Scale Data Could Confuse You

A simple digital weight scale that provides a reliable measurement of your body weight is sometimes easier to use than a sophisticated tool that provides an overwhelming amount of data. Some of the more expensive weight scales will connect to your computer and provide several graphs, charts and tabulated data to show you a lot of information about your body composition. But these details could lead to analysis paralysis. Some people just really need a simple weight measurement tool that lets you know if you have gained or lost some pounds over the last one week or month. If you notice you are gaining weight, then you may need to step up your exercise routine and eat a more balanced diet with healthy carbohydrates, fats and adequate protein.



You Save Money with Less Expensive Scales

This benefit is obvious but it is still worth mentioning. It is important to remember that you will need to do several things to maintain a healthy weight. In addition to monitoring your weight, you also need to do regular exercise (which may require gym membership), eat healthy meals, and even take supplements to boost your weight loss. All these things will cost you money so you should try your best to save as much money as you can by choosing a cheaper weight scale. The money you save on the scale can be used for the other important activities that will ensure that you actually lose weight.


Simple Cheap Scales are Easy to Setup

A cheaper bathroom scale is easy to setup and use. In most cases, all you need to do is place it in a convenient place in your bathroom. As long as you keep it stationary in one place, it should provide you with accurate measurements each time you use it. On the other hand, the more expensive scales require more time and effort to setup. Some of them even require some form of calibration. They are also not as user-friendly as the cheap digital scales.



FeatherWeigh Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:

FeatherWeigh Scale







The FeatherWeigh Precision Digital Bathroom Scale uses four of the latest sensors to take your body weight consistently and accurately each and every time. It offers the news “Smart Step-On” technology that gives instant automatic feedback each time you step upon the scale. Tapping is not needed to zero out this scale. It has a very large 4.3 inch display that has very large font and blue back light, which makes it very easy to read your results. It can take measurements up to 400 pounds and runs on 4 AAAA batteries that are included.

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Omega Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scale:

Omega Scale







The Omega Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scale offers High Tech accuracy and sleek good looks. It offers sense on technology and tapping on the scale is not needed to activate, you simply step on, and you will see your results in just a few seconds. Most common digital scales readout goes away as soon as you step off it, most people find it more convent to view results once off the scale. The Omega Display Holds for 10 seconds giving you time to record your results before turning off. It has an easy to read 3.5 inch LCD display and can record weight up to 400 pounds.

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Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale:

ozeri scale





The Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale displays weight results in increments of 0.2 pounds on it easy to read wide LCD display, and uses 4 sensors to record weight up to 400 pounds. It offers auto calibration technology right out of the box. To record your weight you simply step on the scale, no tapping is needed to activate. It runs on 1 Lithium 2032 battery which
is included.

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:

Eatsmart Scale







The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is one of the best and user friendly scales on the market. Step on the scale and your results display within seconds. It offers and over sized 3.5 inch display with a cool-blue back-light. Four high gauge sensors
ensure that you get accurate weight results each time you step on the scale down to the nearest .2 lbs. This is a nice looking scale with tempered glass design that would fit in perfectly in just about any bathroom surrounding.

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Other Ways TO Save Money While Losing Weight

Most people already know that eating healthier is usually more expensive than eating most packaged food that is available at the grocery store. But you do not have to break the bank to drop those extra pounds while sticking to a nutritious and healthy eating plan.

If you are drinking diet soft drinks or other beverages during the day, you could switch to water. Water is a lot cheaper than other beverages and in most cases it is a lot healthier for you and hydrates your body better. You could save even more money by purchasing a water filter and filling up your water bottle at home before you go to the gym.

You could also eat cheaper cuts of meat than what you have been previously purchasing. Grilled boneless skinless chicken breast is a staple of most diets. Switching to boneless skinless thighs can trim a lot of money of your monthly grocery bill and in my personal opinion are tastier. Substituting sirloin steak for rib eye or strip steak could also lower the calorie count of your meal and save you money.

Canned Tuna is relatively cheap compared to beef and contains less fat. Another good thing about tuna is that it contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids that help your body shed pounds.

Buying frozen vegetable is another way of trimming your grocery bill when dieting. Frozen veggies will save you time in the kitchen preparing and cleaning them compared to fresh, and they come prepackaged so you only use what you plan on eating. It is also convenient to not have to stress over eating them in certain amount of time before worrying about them going bad.

Preparing your meals at home is another way of saving while losing weight. Most people are surprised when they add up how much eating out cost them compared to a fresh lunch that was prepared at home.


Final Word On Cheap Scales


Those are some of the benefits of purchasing and using a cheap bathroom scale. From the information given above, you now know that less expensive digital scales can help you monitor your body weight and you don’t really need an fancy scale to lose weight.