Most people have had success dieting in the past, but tend to gain the weight back over time without even noticing. Here are some Fat burning tips to keep you motivated. We all have been there… getting rid of the junk food and snacks in the cabinet and turning down cake at social gatherings.  And, after a short period of time, your motivation starts to disappear. This usually happens when you hit a weight loss plateau, or you get tired of eating salad and boneless skinless chicken breast  daily. Then it happens. You get bored and slip up and have a special treat. You think to yourself  that one bite won’t hurt. Before even realizing it, you are totally thrown off track.

It so happens that the biggest road block to losing weight and keeping it off is not a matter of how much you exercise and what you eat.But, more a matter of remaining consistent and keeping your focus. Loosing fat is a slow process and it is too easy to give up before you reach your goal.

Weight Loss Tip # 1

Your first step to staying on track should start before you cut a single calorie. The strongest indicator of  long-term fat loss success lies in setting realistic goals. With the right mind set, your chances of reaching your goals will be improved. If you set unrealistic goals (i.e.loosing 40 pounds in 1 month), you are setting yourself up for failure.

Weight Loss Tip # 2

In contrast to what you see on TV and read in magazines, success does not happen overnight. Your chances of loosing fat and keeping it off increases when you loose it slowly. If you starve yourself when dieting, more than likely you will become irritable. You should start with cutting back 200-500 calories a day and more than likely you will not realize the reduction in calories. In order for your fat loss to remain consistent, you should aim to loose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Weight Loss Tip # 3

Try not to be a perfectionist. If you eat a whole pizza or a half gallon of ice cream don’t let it permanently set you back. Giving yourself a small treat should mean that the treat remains small. But, we have all slipped. And, when you do,
just remember, “There is always tomorrow.” Do not perceive yourself as a failure and give up.

Weight Loss Tip # 4

Consistent diet and exercise is hard work, treating your self can give you an incentive to stay on track. When you reach a mini goal, you should treat yourself to 1 splurge meal. But, remember to get back on track when you are done. Rewarding yourself for meeting your goals will give you the resolve to keep going.

Weight Loss Tip # 5

You should be patient when loosing weight. Weight loss plateau is the biggest discouragement when trying to loose fat. That’s why I recommend a body fat analyzer instead of a standard bathroom scale to keep track of your progress. When you are doing everything right and the scale does not move, it is easy to become frustrated and make drastic changes. Instead commit yourself to your diet. When your results are not allowing you to meet your goals, look closely at your diet — a few minor tweaks could be what you need to keep your fat burning process moving alone.