Weight Loss Benefits of Drinking Water




Water is one of the cheapest and most healthy ways for you to use to shed weight. Apart from giving you that perfect body shape you want, drinking water also comes with other benefits to your body such as  your skin becoming more clear and smooth among others. Sometime, there is no need to undergo the pain of excessive exercise or even take pills to loose weight. Hydrating your body can do the trick. It is easy to do and requires very little effort.


How does water help you loose weight?


  • It acts as an appetite suppressant since it gives you a feeling of fullness thus you will not be able to over eat.


  • As opposed to other drinks, water has no carbohydrates, calories and has no or very little percentage of sodium hence a perfect drink for slimming you down



  • It boosts the metabolism of your body by 3 %


  • Drinking water also helps to stop the retention of water in your body hence you shed some water weight.


  • It can also help in flushing out waste and toxins from your body which prevent the effective breaking down of proteins in your body


Water can be at times boring for you to drink or you may even forget to follow your water drinking habit. Often, you don’t get your 8-10 glasses (8 ounces each) of water daily. You can follow the steps below to ensure effective weight loss and a healthier body.



  1. Drink  water before every meal

Since water has appetite suppressing properties, drinking a glass just before you eat will make you feel fuller thus reducing your urge to eat a lot


  1. Replace all drinks filled with calories with water

When you feel thirsty, take some water instead of juice, sodas and other soft drinks which actually contribute to wait gain due to the presence of high calorie amounts. If you feel plain water is boring for you to drink, add a lemon slice. This will not only give your water some flavor, but also help you reduce your food craving due to the presence of pectin in lemons.


  1. Drink ice cold water

Drinking ice cold water assists in stepping up metabolism in your body. This is because your body works harder so as to warm up the water hence burning calories leading to reduction of weight.


  1. Make sure you drink enough water

You should ensure you get the required amount of water per day for effective weight loss. It is recommended that you take at least 8 glasses per day (8 ounces each). If you combine exercise to your weight loss program or you are a sweat heavily, then you need to drink up more water. You should ensure you stick to this habit to avoid ineffective results.


  1. Eat fruits high in water content

You can eat fruits high in water content to boost your daily water intake. Watermelon is perfect for this since it is high in water content. Other fruits that you can eat include cantaloupe, grapefruit and strawberries.


  1. Go to the gym

Drinking the recommended amount of water helps in lubricating your joint and prevention of muscle cramping therefore, you can be able to exercise harder and for longer periods thus shedding unwanted pounds.