Often losing weight is a very slow process and takes us a significant amount of time to complete. In some cases we try very hard and despite all of our efforts and struggles, it still is very difficult for us to reach our desired results. For those individuals who are currently working out on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet, Abdominal trimmer belts could help you reach your weight loss goals faster than before. A good body fat analyzer could also help you track you progress.


Below Are Some Of The Top Models Available

tnt waist trimmerTNT Ab Belt4.5
sweet sweat Sweet Sweat Ab Belt4,8
mcdavid waistMcDavid 491 Ab Trainer4.7
ursula waistUrsula Women's Perfect Fit Workout Cincher and Body Shaper4.0
hbtgearHBT Gear Ab Trainer4.1
body shaperSqueem Perfect Compression Trainer4.3


TNT Abdominal Belt

tnt waist trimmer

This TNT Abdominal belt has an extra wide design to cover the entire abdominal area. It is 100 percent latex free and measures a complete 9 inches wide, offering ultimate support and great comfort. This TNT AB Belt was designed using innovative technology with a non slip grid surface to prevent bunching, slipping and moving. It was also specially designed to repel sweat and moisture when working out. When reading reviews, you can see why this is one of the most popular belts on the market.

Sweet Sweat Ab Belt

sweet sweat

The Sweet Sweat Ab Belt enhances the loss of weight by keeping body heat consistent and stimulating water loss during your exercise session. The adjustable closure which is made of Velcro can stretch to fit a 42 inches mid section. It is made of comfortable light weight and stretchy fabric that stay in place while you workout, and is made of  latex free neoprene material. It included a free sample of Sweat Sweat Workout Enhancer – That can be used with the trimmer during your exercise session for enhanced fitness results.


McDavid 491 Ab Belt

mcdavid waist


The McDavid 491 belt retains therapeutic heat to relieve sore muscles and back pain during exercise. It cushions, compresses and supports your abdominal muscles and lower back. As a result, it just won’t help trim your stomach and love handles, but will also help relieve sore muscles and arthritis. The wrap has an adjustable Velcro closure and fits mid sections up to 4o inches. It is made of 100 percent latex free neoprene material.


Ursula Women’s Perfect Fit Cincher and Body Shaper

ursula waist cincher

The Ursula Women’s Perfect Fit is one of the best cinchers available. It does your self-esteem and body good by reducing your waistline, flattening your stomach and lifting your bust through posture improvement. It also alleviates back pain by offering support and immediately offer results as soon as you put it on. The hook and eye closures has 3 rows to make sure you have a snug fit when you lose inches. It is made of high quality durable and odorless latex, that boost thermal activity as you workout. The soft cotton lining protects your skin and the flexi boning offers extra support.


HBT Gear Trimmer Belt

hbtgearThis HBT Gear Belt tones your mid section and supports your back muscles, and is designed to cover your entire stomach area targeting your ab muscles to burn more calories while working out. It provided a wider coverage than the average waist trimmer and fits up to a size 46. If you love a good sweat while working out, the HBT Gear Belt was made for you. It will make your mid section sweat 2-3 times more quickly allowing you to git rid of water weight and compressing and tightening your ab muscles during your work out session.

Squeem Perfect Compression Trainer

body shaper

The Squeem Waist Trainer makes you look better in every outfit that you wear by offering perfect mid section control. It is very comfortable to wear and helps your posture which will give you an more elegant look. The flexible material prevents this trainer from moving up or down. This body shaper for women not only smooths your figure, it also transforms it by noticeably making you look shapelier in seconds. This is one of the best body shapers available and you would not go wrong by choosing it.


What Are The Benefits Of Trimmers

  • Back Support:

People who have experienced back problems or spine issues are often told to wear these devices around their mid section to give support to their back and help them maintain the best posture for healing. If you have lower back issue, it could give you the support you need to sit up with no problem and take away the pressure on your lower back.


  •  Slimming Effect

We all know that wearing this type of device without diet or exercise will not do very much for us regarding losing weight. But when you wear the best waist cincher, your oblique area will appear smaller which will make it look like you have lost a significant amount of weight.


What Are The Benefits of  Cinchers

Waist cinchers are made of metal or plastic strips that are called boning. This material serves as support structure for the body shaper. When it is shut, the boning material shapes the garment and arranges the body into shape. Your bodies fat, skin and fluids are slimmed to give of a better appearance. Ab Cinchers are sometimes know to be tight fitting. It is important to find the best waist cincher available so you will have better comfort when wearing one.

Foods That Target Fat Around Your Mid Section

Having too much abdominal fat is associated with having many different health problems. But eating certain types of food can help you lose inches around your waist, if you combine it with being more active. Most people have some fat around their mid section, even those with wash board abs. All healthy humans should have some body fat because of the chemistry of our bodies. Fat is associated with how our body makes organs and helps us produce hormones like leptin and insulin.

Subcutaneous fat can be grabbed by the hand, and is what we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. The most dangerous types of fat is visceral fat and is found within the body close to our organs like our liver and heart. This type of fat is most associated with major health risk.

Trying to nail down the perfect food to target belly fat can be a challenge. Below is a list of foods that will help you lose fat around your mid section.

Fiber rich foods

Health experts report that adding soluble fiber everyday to you diet, can help in building less visceral fat with time. That is why many of them advocate for fiber rich foods like legumes fruit, vegetables, oats as well as whole grains. Try to incorporate soluble fiber in each and every meal you take in a day. If you are not used to consuming too much fiber, include it slowly to avoid health problems and remember to drink plenty of water every day. In fact, some fiber rich foods are real super foods that can help you to achieve your weight loss nutrition or health goals.

Protein foods

Eating foods that are high in proteins keeps the huger away for a longer period of time since they take longer to go through you system. This is because protein molecules are long-chains with very strong links that are quite hard to break down, and the entire process is time consuming. It has been shown that in order to obtain 100 calories from a protein-food, the system has to use 28 calories (but only 10 calories for fat and 5 for carbohydrates). This is why you need to eat skim milk, eggs, fish, and lean meat, or plant based proteins like whole grains, legumes, vegetables and certain seeds. Nuts are also high in fiber, healthy fats and proteins, and therefore taking them in moderation will help you to curb hunger between meals.

Water rich foods 

Foods that are high in water content usually occupy more space in your gut, and this signals to the body that you have had enough to eat. Most vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water as well as nutrients, and are also low in calories. Some of the fruits with high water content include fruits that are in the melon family, oranges, berries, apples, pears, grapefruits and many more. Vegetables with high water content include cucumber, celery, lettuce, radish, cabbage, tomato, and more. What I like the most about eating vegetables and fruits is that they are full of water and are also a great source of fiber and a host many other and antioxidants and nutrients.

As far as the fight against belly fat is concerned these foods can be of immense benefits to your body. These foods can actually trigger your body to melt down stubborn belly fat within a very short of period time along with waist training, thereby helping you to achieve your health goals quickly. When you have knowledge about the right foods to fight belly fat, you can begin including them into your favorite dinners, lunches and breakfast in to realize amazing and quick results.


Exercises That Target Fat Around The Mid Section

Belly fat is commonly calculated by measuring your waistline circumference, which can readily be conducted at home using an ordinary tape measure. Any measurement above 102 cm or 40 inches in males and 88 cm or 35 inches in females is identified as abdominal obesity. Several strategies are proven as effective in targeting fat that builds up around the abdominal area of your body compared to other parts. A healthy exercise routine is largely recommended as the ideal therapy for getting rid of belly fat.


Initially, sit on the ground with your legs outstretched in front of you, and then lean backward at a 45 degrees angle. Take one of your knees up and keep the other leg straight up from the ground. Fold both arms till your elbows make a 90 degrees angle. Switch kicking one leg outward straight while taking the other knee upward. Simultaneously, whirl your arms at the shoulder in a sprinting motion.

Leg Raises

Lay down with your back on the ground with your arms beneath the small of your back. While keeping your legs straight, bring them up from the ground to a 45 degrees angle. Open and then close your legs. Bring them down to three inches from the ground and then repeat the same activity again.

Reverse Lift Crunches

Lay down on your back with your arms outward to your side. Bring your legs straight till they are at right angle to the ground. Then, use your abs to bring your hips up from the ground while stretching for the ceiling with your feet. Regulate your hip as you bring them back downward to the ground.

There are other proven exercise targeted to get rid of you belly fat. These exercise include abdominal exercise, cardio exercise and interval workout.

Cardio exercises involve proven belly fat burnout activities like jogging, walking and swimming. Cardio exercises form a more preliminary part of belly fat burn out routines before engaging in more complex and specialized exercises.

Some Yoga routines can also classified as abdominal exercise effective in burning belly fat.

Lastly, interval workout refers to workout that involves high-intensity exercise for a given time interval, which is then followed by a lower-intensity exercise.

The philosophy behind interval workout is to alternate workout with recovery. A typical example of interval workout is sprinting, then walking back to your starting position, and sprinting again.


How To Use a Trimmer

This type of slimmer is often called a sauna belt. Most of the time they are made from neoprene or some other insulator that traps heat around your midsection and make you sweat. They are sometimes advertised to wear under your normal clothes to help give an extra fat burning boost when you work out.

  • You should drink plenty of water before and after you workout. Staying hydrated is always recommended if you wear this type of belt or not during exercise.
  • Do not wear the belt too tight. You should use it too encourage better posture and support you, but it should not be worn so tight that if cuts off your circulation.
  • Depending on the model that you use, it is often not recommended to wear under your normal work clothing, unless it is one of the best body shapers. Some waist slimmers create lots of sweat. Therefore you should use when exercising or around the house.

 Does Trimmers Really Work?

People often argue does wearing one of these type of devices really help you lose weight. Often things should be viewed in the right context. The fitness and weight loss product you decide to choose does not make the difference. The difference is made when it is effectively coupled with proper nutrition and regular exercise.