A popular observation is that “what gets measured gets improved”. If you are trying to manage your weight then it is critical that you have an accurate measurement of your body fat if you want to make consistent improvements. There are numerous ways of measuring your body fat, including hydrostatic weighing and DEXA scan. However when it comes to simplicity and affordability, two of best approaches to calculate body fat percentage from home are calipers and body fat scales.


Why Measuring Body Fat Is Better Than Measuring Body Weight Alone

There are a number of reasons why you need to measure your body fat rather than your body weight alone. If you are following a regular fitness program then you will almost certainly be gaining muscle. Using a scale by itself will not allow you to differentiate between body fat and muscle. Scales will only give a very limited picture of how you progressing on your weight loss goals. And perhaps most importantly the reason that we are interested in managing our weight is because we want to improve the way that we look. If you want to enhance your appearance then it is calculating your body fat percentage from home that you need to do.


Below Are Some Of The Best Body Fat Scales On The Market

Withings WiFi Body Scale

withings wifi scale

If you want accurate weight and fat measurements, plus your Body Mass Index. This Withings Scale is a great device to choose. It has options to pick the right body type to get correct fat measurements. One of my favorite features about this device is that it also can be used to check air pollution. It also uses Gravity Compensation to make sure you are correctly weighing yourself. Another great feature is being able to track your results with a smart phone.


Eatsmart Digital Precision Digital Body Scale

Eatsmart scale

The EatSmart GetFit Digital Body Scale measures body fat, body water, bone mass and muscle tone quickly and easily using the newest technology. It has an touch screen interface that can automatically identify the correct user. It sends a small low level electric current through your body to get real time information. It is one the most user friendly body fat analyzers on the market today.


Omron 514 C Body Fat Analyzer

Omron 514

With the HBF-514C you can measure seven fitness indicators such as body weight, body age, visceral fat, resting metabolism, body, fat percentage, skeletal muscle and BMI. Full Body Sensing is used to obtain more accurate results rather thank using hands or feel alone. This Body Fat Scale is easy to use, turn the power switch on, choose your profile and step on the platform. This device can be used to store data for up to four people. The memory function can be used to store data from 1 day up to 90 days.


FitBit Aria Wifi Scale

fitbit wifi scale


With the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale, you can accurately track your body fat percentage, weight and body mass index. After the easy wireless setup, it has the ability to sync with your home network so you could upload your stats automatically via WiFi to fitbit.com each time you step on the scale. It automatically recognizes up to 8 different people, sending their stats to separate accounts.




How Does Body Fat Scales Work?

Body fat scales work by passing a safe electrical current though your body tissue. This current will move faster through muscles than through fat. By measuring resistance the scales are able to analyse your body fat percentage. This process is known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). As mentioned above body fat scales have the benefit of being very easy to use.