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We have all heard from fitness and nutrition experts that getting rid of your scale and focusing on how your clothes are fitting is a way to avoid the emotional roller coaster of weighing yourself every day. But a recent study by the University of Minnesota revealed that dieting adults who weighed themselves every day, lost double the weight of those dieters who weighed themselves less frequently.

So, what if the key to getting off the emotional roller coaster isn’t in tossing out your bathroom scale, but rather making sure you have the most accurate weight scale for your home. When you are trying to shed those extra pounds, knowledge is power! Having the most accurate  scale reading is just as important as knowing how many calories you are eating every day.


Withings WiFi Body Scalewithings body fat scale
EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale THE EATSMART BODY FAT SCALE
Healthometer 402KL Beam Scalehealthometer beam scale4.6
Weight Guru Digital Body Scale The weight gurus body fat scale
Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Composition Monitortanita bbc 554
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scalefitbit wifi scale4.1

Withings WiFi Body Scale

withings wifi scale

If consistent weight and fat measurements are what you are looking for, plus your Body Mass Index. This Withings Scale is a great device to choose. It has options to pick from the correct body composition type, to get accurate fat measurements. One of my favorite features about this device is that it also can be used to check air pollution. It also uses Gravity Compensation to make sure you are correctly weighing yourself. Another great feature is being able to track your results with a smart phone.

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EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale


Eatsmart scale

The EatSmart GetFit Digital Body Scale measures body fat, body water, bone mass and muscle tone quickly and easily using the newest technology. It has an touch screen interface that can automatically identify the correct user once they step on the scale. It sends a small low level electrical current through your body to get real time information. It is one the most user friendly and accurate bathroom scales on the market today.

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Omron HBF-514C

Omron 514

The HBF-514C you can track seven fitness indicators such as body weight, body age, visceral fat, resting metabolism, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle and BMI. Full Body Sensing is used to obtain more accurate results rather than just using your hands or feel alone. This Body Fat Scale is easy to use, just simple turn the power switch on, choose your profile and step on the platform. This device can be used to store data for up to four people, and the information can be saved for up to 90 days.

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Tanita BC 554  Body Composition Monitor

tanita 554 compositon monitor

The Tanita BC 554 Ironman is a unique and very accurate digital scale. Using advanced Bio-electric Impedance Analysis, it can measure weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water percentage, BMR, metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat and it can also rates your physique. The muscle mass feature is able to track the weight of muscle that you have in your body. It can track up to four different people, simply program your gender, age, weight and height in the memory and step on the scale – within seconds it provides you with your results on the 2.25 inch LCD Screen.

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Healthometer 402KL Beam Scale

healthometer beam scale


The Healthometer 402KL Balance Beam Scale has a large heavy duty platform for extended foot room. You can expect accurate weigh-ins and easy to understand weight reading. The maximum weight capacity of this scale is 390 pounds, but an weight extender can be added to weigh up to a maximum of 490 pounds. The sturdy zinc die cast beam is made of nickel, cooper with chrome plated edges.

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The Importance of an Accurate Scale

I’m sure that everyone has stepped on a scale, got off and then a few minutes later stepped back on and got a completely different result. Or, moved your scale to a different part of the room and the readings are different than before. It is very difficult to track your weight on a day to day basis when your daily readings vary so often. That’s where an accurate digital bathroom scale comes into play. You want to be able to tell if all the hard work is paying off, instead of guessing if you are doing the right things to lose weight.

If you have attempted to lose weight before, you should be familiar with a weight loss plateau. A plateau happens when you are losing weight steadily and all of a sudden the weight loss comes to a screeching halt. Even though you keep to a strict diet and regular exercise routine, the scales seems to remain the same. Instead of making drastic changes to your work out routine or diet, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have a good scale, that is accurate and has history of giving consistent results.

Measuring your body weight and the amount of fat that you have can sometimes pose a great challenge, but you can easily do it without too much effort. Body weight fluctuates often from the beginning to the end of the day. Anywhere from half a pound to as much as 15 pounds, depending on home much you eat and drink and your body type. In some cases weight gain is positive because it means that you are putting on muscle, which helps you burn more calories throughout the day. It is important to account for those fluctuation when you measure your weight on a daily basis.

Although we probably all know someone who steps on the scale after every meal, that number is not going to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Experts say to weigh yourself daily and focus on a trend, weigh yourself first thing in the morning and while you are undressed. It is healthy and normal for you to see some fluctuation in the scale, so do not get frustrated if one day you are up a few ounces. Over time, you will see results if you are sticking to your weight loss plan AND you are using an accurate scale.

Some people question using weight as the single most important factor in measuring your overall health. To be honest, there is no single one way to know the overall condition of your health, and that includes just knowing the number on the scale. We all know that there is more to health than weight, but most of us are numbers driven and seeing the number decrease on the scale can give us the added motivation to kick our weight loss goals into high gear. A good scale will give you the feedback needed to know if it’s time to cut back on all the junk food and sweets, or if you could on occasion treat yourself for being disciplined and working hard to reach your weight loss goals.


Types of Accurate Scales

So how do you select an accurate body fat scale? A trip to any store will having you staring at the selection of scales. And most will offer a variety of trendy looking scales in a variety of colors and even clear glass. But basically, there are three types of scales, each with pros and cons.


The Balance Scale

This is the type of scale you typically see at the gym and in your doctor’s office. With a balance scale, you stand on the platform and move the balancing weights laterally until the balancing pointer is perfectly centered. If you are a larger individual, this may be the type of scale that is worth investing it, as most will accommodate up to 500 pounds or more. The scale can be calibrated relatively easily to accommodate changes in humidity and air temperature, so you know each time you step on the scale, you are getting the most accurate reading. The scale is bulky and takes up a great deal of space, and it can be costly.

The Spring Scale

This is the scale found in most bathrooms, and the ones that are tempting, because you can pick them up for less than $10 at many stores. You simply stand on the scale and a spring compresses, causing the needle to move to your weight. Many of these scales will have a dial or knob on them that allows you to calibrate the scale. They are fairly accurate, but break easily and tend to wear out relatively quickly. They also tend to have smaller weight limits, so if this is the scale you can afford, read the packaging before you buy. Although this scale may not give you the most accurate reading, it will help you watch for trends in your weight fluctuation.

The Digital Scale

This scale is currently very popular since it comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor. Most are battery operated, but there are a few solar powered models as well. You simply step on the scale and your weight will appear on the screen. The digital scale is a great option if you like to be very specific about your weight loss, as most of these scales will weigh to the 10th or even 100th of a pound. The accuracy of this scale can be reduced if the batteries are running low, so you should plan to change the batteries regularly. There is also a reset button that is used to recalibrate the scale as needed.

If you really like to have a lot of information, and you have a little money to spend, many digital scales come with Body Fat Analyzers. These scales measure percent of muscle mass, body fat percentage, water content percentage and your Body Mass Index (BMI). Many of these scales are Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to synch your information with popular smart phone apps.


What To Look For In Accurate Scales

When looking for the right scale it is important for it to be not complicated to use. Many scales on the market do not provide consistent readings. Since you are working hard to get into better shape and are diligently weighing yourself to track your progress, it is important not to have a inconsistent scale, that can destroy your motivation by giving false readings. Modern day scales have improved over the years in terms of accuracy. You should go with a model that has good reviews, and has a history of providing great results.

When going over your options, the scales weighing surface should not be over looked. It’s inconvenient to step on a scale that does not have a very large surface to stand on, so models with a larger weighing surface should be given a high priority. You also want a model that display your weight results quickly so it does not waste battery life, and leave you anxious for it to display your results on the screen.

The area where you are going to store your scale should also be looked at. If you have the room, it is hard to argue with not choosing a good balance beam scale. The reason why balance beam scales have not changed in years is they are easy to calibrate and they stay accurate after hundreds of weigh ins. But most people store there scale in the bathroom, so a quality digital scale should fit the bill just fine.

For the tech savy, a WiFi smart scale should be considered. They work well by themselves but you can get added features by paring them with a good activity tracker. Most of them also include smart phones apps that provide in depth graphs, and show you trends through out your weight loss process. Smart Scales use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to send your stats to your smartphone applications or other fitness tracking device.

When looking for the most accurate scale, the key is to ensure that it is calibrated correctly and working properly. Make sure you read the users manual before you use the scale for the first time, as each scale will have different instructions for calibration. It’s hard to argue against weight loss as being a great overall motivator and a way to improve your quality of life. If you start off slow and take consistent weigh ins, you should be will on your way to your weight loss goals. A quality scale may just be the motivational tool you need to keep you on track throughout your weight loss journey.