• Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale Review

fitbit wifi scaleWith the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale, you can accurately track your body fat percentage, weight and body mass index. After the easy wireless setup, it has the ability to sync with your home network so you could upload your stats automatically via WiFi to fitbit.com each time you step on the scale. It automatically recognizes up to 8 different people, sending their stats to separate accounts. On their website you’ll get a complete weight management system to keep you on track, so you could easily complete your weight loss goals. To keep you motivated, fitbit.com lets you earn badges to share with family and friends as you see fit. You also have the ability to the log your activities and food, then work with Fitibit’s food plan to monitor how many calories you eat, and stay on track with your plan.

For the most accurate results, I recommend that you weigh yourself at the same time of day and under the same conditions. This is a very nice an elegant looking scale and I think you would not go wrong by choosing it.


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